5 More Creative Ways to Improve Your Press Release

So hopefully I hooked you yesterday with 5 Creative Ways to Improve Your Press Release and now you are BACK FOR MORE…I will get right to it.

6. Be Social. Add links and addresses for all of your social media sites.

Include links to your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. It shows how active you are in the media and lets reporters and producers know that if they run with your story it will have legs of its own through your own social stratosphere.

7. Create Instant Content

Press releases can become instant online content so write accordingly. Everything you send out should be print ready.

8. Don’t Ramble

Short and sweet. No one has the time or energy to read a three page press release. Keep it to one page and only highlight the most news-worthy and important elements of your book. You don’t need a full synopsis of the story. If they like the little bit you give, they will discover it for themselves.

9. Prove Your Credibility

Awards, degrees, published work, share it with the editors. Put all of those golden nuggets into your press release. For once in your life brag about your accomplishments! It proves that you are an expert and have done the work. It shows that you can speak confidently about the facts (Tip #3) you provided in your press release and help inform and educate the audience (Tip #2).

10. Change It Up!

Don’t be afraid to flip the script. Write a new press release every few weeks. Keep things fresh and different. Show that your ideas and angles are evolving and that you are open to change. It will also show editors and producers that your book is relevant and adaptable to a myriad of topics.

Do you have any success stories from press releases you have sent out? Why did they work? What made them special or creative? I’d love to hear from you! 

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