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Tucker & Me

Andrew Harvey’s extraordinary memoir, TUCKER & ME: Growing Up a Part-Time Southern Boy (MSI Press) is part Mad Men, part Wonder Years, and yet a story unlike any other. It is one man’s reflection on his complicated, inspiring, and often humorous journey through a childhood divided between two homes, two lives and one universal experience of growing up in a complicated world.

Harvey was raised primarily by his single mother in 1960’s Los Angeles and spent summers with his father in a small suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, known as Tucker. Two dramatically different lifestyles that challenged Harvey’s understanding of self but also helped him discover his resilience, tenacity, and enthusiasm for life.

The characters that inhabited Harvey’s life are unique, controversial, impetuous, passionate, and extraordinary. His mother lived a vibrant life full of opinions, impulses and unexpected revelations. His father was her polar opposite but presented just as many contradictions and questions.

Not since The Glass Castle has a writer explored such a wild and turbulent life at the hands of parents.

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DR. ANDREW HARVEY is an award-winning college educator with experience, ranging from community college to the university doctorate level. He holds an educational doctorate in the field of organizational leadership from Pepperdine University and bachelor's and master's degrees from California State University at Los Angeles. He served in law enforcement for 25-years, retiring as a captain. Dr. Harvey has written two well-received books on leadership, and has completed a childhood, southern memoir entitled "Tucker & Me: Growing Up a Part-Time Southern Boy," which tells the story of his somewhat chaotic, yet entertaining childhood.