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When Anne D. LeClaire decided to turn an ordinary Monday into a day of silence, little did she realize she had begun an inner voyage that would transform her life.

In the seventeen years since, LeClaire has practiced total silence two days each month. By detaching herself from the bustle of her hectic lifestyle and learning to listen to her deepest self, she has found a center from which to live—one that tests, strengthens, and heals her. In practicing silence, she has discovered her own secret garden—a cloistered, sacred private place where true personal growth is possible.

In this eloquent book—part memoir, part philosophical inquiry, written with clarity and warm humor—LeClaire reflects on how silence can help us expand our awareness, ignite and nurture creativity, and achieve inner peace.

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ANNE LECLAIRE's first book-length non-fiction, Listening Below the Noise, is a meditation on the practice of silence. In addition to novels and the memoir, she writes short stories and essays.Her essays have been included in a number of anthologies, among them I’ve Always Meant to Tell You, Letters to Our Mothers: An Anthology of Contemporary Women Writers; From Daughters and Sons to Fathers: What I’ve Never Said; and A Sense of Place: An Anthology of Cape Women Writers.Her interests are gardening, yoga, theater, travel and aviation.