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Gardens of Grief, a sequel to Boston Teran’s literary classic, The Creed of Violence, is not only a powerful and thrilling piece of literature, it is also a forceful condemnation of one of the most monstrous and controversial events of the twentieth century-the Armenian genocide. In 1915, Islamic fundamentalists in Turkey annihilated two million innocent Armenians. Were the atrocities committed by the Turkish government an unfortunate act of war, or the methodical extermination of a people that was unequalled in history up to that time? The novel has been compared to Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls, where honor and bravery align with selflessness, to the impassioned advocacy for justice of Emile Zola’s J’Accuse, the writer’s 1898 open letter on the Dreyfus Affair, and to the work of Solzhenitsyn, for his treatment of the horrors of oppression.

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BOSTON TERAN became a literary sensation with a first novel God Is a Bullet. The winner of numerous international awards, the author has been compared to novelists such as Hemingway, Maupassant, and McCarthy, and because of a unique writing style, also compared to the painters Picasso and Bruegel, the composer Tchaikovsky, and filmmakers such as John