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Blood and Silk: The Hidden Love Story of Mary of Magdala and Jesus of Nazareth is author Carol McKay’s gift to everyone fascinated by the life of Mary of Magdala-Mary Magdalene-and her often misunderstood relationship to Jesus of Nazareth. In this beautifully crafted historical novel, the reader is guided through a time rich with art and architecture, and fraught with change and controversy. Mary’s narration introduces us to first-century Judea, when the atmosphere crackled with fear, and determination of friend or foe was often difficult, if not impossible. As much as theologians paint the story about Mary and Jesus as straightforward and even simple in nature, the author reminds us that theirs was a love weighed down and complicated by the politics of the day. The story of Mary, and then Mary and Jesus, is intricate and often as perilous as the times in which they lived. Founded on historical accuracy and an eye for a well-told story, this is a novel that will fascinate and delight.

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CAROL MCKAY, artist and cultural historian, earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from Texas Christian University, Fort Worth. The recipient of numerous National Endowment of Arts and National Endowment of Humanities grants, her focus is the relationship of culture to social issues. An award winner for a national documentary and a volunteer for many years teaching art to at-risk teenagers, Carol and her husband live on a ranch in Texas, where she pursues her love of writing and the visual arts.