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A Life In History

David Kaiser has written a brilliant memoir and historical exploration about the collapse of authentic higher education in America. With recent studies showing the largest decline in history majors and declaring it a “new low” for the future of historians, Kaiser weighs in on why this is a tragedy to both higher education as well as to our own shared history as a nation.

Kaiser explores our education system with an historian’s attention to detail. A LIFE IN HISTORY highlights the subtle changes that led to a drastic disintegration of academia.

“…a probing, sometimes searing, look at the professional life of an intellectual during the past half century….In these reflections, Kaiser offers a personal answer to how to sustain the life of the mind and to ensure a public presence for bold thinking.” —Anne Rose, Distinguished Professor of History and Religious Studies, Penn State University

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DAVID KAISER taught history at Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, the Naval War College and Williams College from 1976 through 2012. He lives in Massachusetts and writes the blog history