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Art, Science, Religion, Spirituality

Who is Art, Science, Religion, Spirituality for?

It is for anyone who has asked themselves these questions:

What is truly important?

How do I find a fulfilling, meaningful life?

What does meaning, mean, anyway?

How should I live?

Do science and religion have to be in conflict?

What is the role of faith – in religion, in art, in spirituality, and in science?

Who owns ‘Reality’?

In exploring these questions, Art, Science, Religion, Spirituality takes a broad, holistic approach – exploring how psychology, art, science, religion, relationships, culture, mythology, philosophy, and the world¹s wisdom traditions are all involved in coming to terms with the full range of human emotions and possibilities. Including all, it leads toward their integration in finding and living a fulfilled human life.

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DAVID V. WHITE has served over the past 40 years as a businessman, civic and political leader, and as an advisor as well as teacher concerning how to live a fulfilled and meaningful life. He’s worked at the White House on the National Security Council Staff, served in the political campaigns of Senator Howard Baker and two Tennessee Governors: Lamar Alexander and Winfield Dunn. He also worked as National Coordinator of Special Groups in Nelson Rockefeller’s presidential campaign. White co-founded and served for several years as Chairman and President of two Knoxville-based companies, 13-30 Corporation and Computer Concepts Corporation.