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The Web Startup Roadmap

If you’re thinking about starting on online business, or recently launched a website, this book is especially for you. It’s a step-by-step guide for launching a web-based business, from conceiving an idea, to building the website, to marketing it, and beyond.  The book is written in non-technical terms for non-technical people who are new to the online business scene. If you’re a web developer, or already own a reasonably successful web business, you won’t benefit nearly as much. It’s a roadmap, not a city guide. If you need to fine-tune a specific piece of your already established business, this is not the book for you so please don’t buy it. A lot of people have great ideas for new online businesses, but no idea how to go about creating them. If this describes you, this book is a good place for you to start. J. P. Stonestreet’s goal is to help as many people as he can chase their dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Hopefully, you’ll be one of them!

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