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Theo Paxstone & the Dragon of Adyron

Young Theo Paxstone aspires to a better life. A mechanic at a steam mech repair shop, he slaves away under the sharp eye of the ruthless Master Grimes, along with dozens of other orphan boys. The biggest and meanest of them, Grant, has it in for Theo and his best friend, Ollie, the shop’s parts-spotter cockatoo. The chatty bird helps keep Theo going, as every day is a struggle for survival.

When the largest dragon ever seen descends out of the night sky and sets the royal tournament aflame, Theo escapes to help. He saves a crippled steam knight, Sir Bentham, from the blaze, assisted by Bentham’s pugnacious squire, Riley.

Together, they decide to hunt the monstrous dragon down – before it can kill again.

But nothing is as it seems, and Theo soon finds himself caught up in an adventure that will turn his entire world upside down…

THEO PAXSTONE AND THE DRAGON OF ADYRON is a fast-paced fantasy adventure that brings together steampunk and medieval myths, pitting noble knights in steam powered battle machines against dragons. Yet the feudal Kingdom of Adyron is mired in injustice, and even the heroes have something to hide.

“Like some sort of steampunk Robotech without the convoluted timeline, the first adventure of Theo Paxstone features an appealing cast of central characters and an intriguing plot that zips along at a delightful pace. The adventure is serious, but Turner lobs some light touches and natural humour into the fray. The book is such an adept balancing act, your “sauce-box” will drop open when you learn it’s his first book for younger readers.” ……….Evan Munday, author of the Silver Birch-shortlisted ‘The Dead Kid Detective Agency’

“This is a charming futurist fantasy that will appeal to young steampunk fans. In a world of ravaged by global conflagration, humankind has reverted to a feudal society powered by steam. An orphan named Theo uses his mechanical genius to find a ticket out of a crowded sweatshop, offering his services to an old knight with a heart of gold. Yes, there is a quest, but no, it doesn’t turn out the way you’d expect. It’s a fun read enhanced by the author’s quirky illustrations.”……………Sheree-Lee Olson, author of ‘Sailor Girl’


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JAMES TURNER has been writing and making up stuff for years and years, since even before there was Twitter. By night, he’s a doodling writer and fan of sci-fi, steampunk and fantasy. By day, he works for the dreaded Morning People.James enjoys cycling and cross-country skiing, but has foresworn the latter as it always seemed to involve getting up before 6 AM.James drinks a lot of coffee.In 2005, James wrote and illustrated Nil: A Land Beyond Belief. He followed whacky dive into modern nihilism with a quarterly comic book about a butt-kicking librarian. Next was Warlord of Io, a sci-fi epic about a kid emperor who just wants to be a rock star.James is high-concept all the way.His dystopian comic Hell Lost (also known as Rebel Angels) is about a counter-revolution in the Infernal Realm.His work has been optioned by Warner Brothers and Walden Media.Humble and modest to a fault, James rarely waves about the awards he has won in front of guests to his home. He spends his spare time thinking up silly things, loitering in art galleries, and writing wild and outlandish bios in the third person.Thank you for reading his tightly plotted ramblings.