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A delightful, funny, commercial novel that packs a clever punch, from the author of the New York Times bestselling Julie and Romeo.

A mom in her early fifties, Clover knows she no longer turns heads the way she used to, and she’s only really missed when dinner isn’t on the table on time. Then Clover wakes up one morning to discover she’s invisible–truly invisible. She panics, but when her husband and son sit down to dinner, nothing is amiss. Even though she’s been with her husband, Arthur, since college, her condition goes unnoticed. Her friend Marjorie immediately observes that Clover is invisible, which relieves Clover immensely–she’s not losing her mind after all!–but she is crushed by the realization that neither her husband nor her children ever truly look at her. She was invisible even before she knew she was invisible.

Clover discovers that there are other women like her, women of a certain age who seem to have disappeared. As she uses her invisibility to get to know her family and her town better, Clover leads the way in helping invisible women become recognized and appreciated no matter what their role.

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JEANNE RAY was born in San Diego, CA and has resided for the last 35 years in Nashville, TN. She is married to a retired Presbyterian minister and has two daughters, Heather and Ann from another marriage. Jeanne worked as a registered nurse for 40 years and wrote her first novel, Julie and Romeo, after her 60th birthday. She has since written four more books, which as she states, "have humor and , hopefully, wisdom." She owns a Cairn terrier named Red, who plays a supporting role in this novel.