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Cold Shadows

Kip Mitchelson has been plunged into the abyss. After learning of his friend’s murder in Florida, the investment banker suddenly finds himself hunted like common prey, ensnared in a dark world of ruthless betrayal.

Philip Kurchow, the IT manager for a transportation company in Munich and Kip’s best friend, possessed a secret to be forever silenced – the details of a lucrative smuggling enterprise in Eastern Europe. Pilfered from vaults deep inside Russia, lethal virus technology is now up for sale, and the FBI is desperate to shut it down. Hidden far from prying eyes, however, the CIA is launching its own campaign to intercept the technology for clandestine research and black ops.

Running out of time, the FBI recruits the only man able to uncover the smuggling: Kip Mitchelson. As he digs deeper into the treachery, Kip finds a more sinister stalker in the hunt, the sadistic operative known only as RAFTER. At the risk of his life – and that of his family – Kip races to expose the betrayers and fight their depraved assault.

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JEFF CRITSER is a former Naval Aviator and intelligence officer with a career in defense and commercial technologies. He lives in Cary, North Carolina, with his wife and two sons.