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The actor Len Lesser was an ordinary man with an extraordinary career. One of the longest in Hollywood.

A quintessential ladies man, Len was a World War II veteran, who held a degree in economics. He was intelligent, driven, and handsome. He could have done anything with his life. But he chose to act. That decision would land him jobs as a factory worker and a dishwasher. He would struggle throughout his life while still sharing the screen with Hollywood legends.

Before his breakout role as Uncle Leo on Seinfeld at age sixty-eight, Len was known for his work in films such as Kelly’s Heroes, Birdman of Alcatraz, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini, Papillon, The Outlaw Josey Wales and TV shows like That Girl, The Monkees, and Get Smart.

Told in his own distinctive voice, Where’s the Watch?! will introduce you to a different side of Seinfeld’s Uncle Leo. It is a poignant, inspiring romp through Hollywood… and life itself.

You will never see Uncle Leo the same way again.

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TAMA RYDER grew up without a television in the seaport village of Patchogue, New York. By age twenty-one, she was working in television at CNN International in London. Tama earned her bachelor's degree in journalism from Boston University and her master's degree in government from Harvard University.