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The Lake House

A heartwarming debut novel about the unlikely friendship between two outcasts of different generations who, in struggling to move on from the past, discover love, healing, and family in a charming New England lakeside community.

Victoria Rose and her friends grew up on Lake Nagog in Littleton, Massachusetts in an idyllic world of parties on the patio, swimming in the lake, and stories around a bonfire. As teenagers they promised to remain together in the community and everyone kept that promise…except Victoria. Now, at seventy-two, Victoria has moved back. Still in love with her childhood sweetheart, Joseph, she’s come home to find a way to start over. But the loss of her daughter and granddaughter burdens her heart, and broken friendships keep her from moving forward.

Twenty-eight-year-old Heather Bregman is a travel writer recently separated from her fiance. When she buys the house on Nagog Lake she envisions parties on the beach with her neighbors and a place she can finally call home, until she realizes her neighbors are all over the age of seventy. Furthermore, some of the Nagog residents will stop at nothing to send a message that young people aren’t welcome. How can she carve out a place for herself if Heather herself remains unsure of whether or not she truly belongs?

In parts tragic and achingly tender, The Lake House explores chance events that shape and change a community, that burn and re-build bridges, and that offer second chances to those who seek them.


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MARCI NAULT In 2008 Marci Nault asked the questions, "What do I want from this life? If I wasn't afraid, and didn’t play by the rules, how would I live?" Her answer was a life-list of 101 Dreams Come True that led her on a journey of self-discovery and adventure. Having completed almost ninety of her life dreams including publishing her novel The Lake House, Marci knows what it means to take risks, go after her deepest desires, live beyond fear, and to fall in love with life, the world and herself.