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Ruth Hardaway has had one passion all her life: books. For thirty years she’s devoted her life to her book store, trying to bury her painful past. But now the store is in jeopardy, and the past is catching up with her. Lucinda Barrett lost everything in a life-shattering betrayal. Desperate, she goes after one last dream – to be an author. Alone and broke, she embarks on a journey, eventually landing on Ruth’s doorstep. Ruth takes Lucy under her wing, championing her book and even offering her refuge at a nearby lake cabin. In return, she wants Lucy to keep an eye on her son, Colin, who’s recovering from a war injury. As the two women grow closer and begin to face the past, neither has any idea that their toughest decisions lie ahead – or that their friendship is about to fall apart because of a little white lie.

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MARYANN MCFADDEN's first two novels, The Richest Season and So Happy Together, were honored as "Indie Next Picks," chosen by an association of independent booksellers from across the country. She has worked as a freelance journalist, realtor, and photographer and currently teaches at a local community college, coaches writers, and, of course, writes novels. One day a week she also babysits her four young granddaughters while her own daughter teaches writing. Maryann is proud of her two children, Patrick and Marisa, and her four granddaughters, Alice, Lily, Julia, and Phoebe. She lives in Northwest New Jersey where she is working on her fourth novel.