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“Hi, my name is Charlie Burrows. I am twelve years old and am currently running for my life, I really don’t even have time to talk to you, so I need to make it brief. Eight months ago I discovered that I was a descendant of the ancient Druids of England. Big deal right? That’s what I thought too until my best friend (also a descendant) Bailey stared to be able to hurl huge boulders in the air using her mind, and I was able to jump into alternative dimensions. Ya…we have x-men like abilities that our parents never told us about! Thanks so much mom. You would think they could have at least been honest with us when we asked them to check for monsters under the bed. ‘Yes dear, that is just an escaped troll from the fourth kingdom, animal control is on their way.” To be fair my father who disappeared when I was two is the one who should have told me, but like I said he disappeared. So I was transported, well kidnapped really to this huge castle in Scotland where they train freaks like me to be part of the Order…which is too hard to explain right now, because I have the entire Vanari (Bad guys) army trying to find me before I can decode this ancient map that Merlin (my great great…really great grandfather, left behind. So to cap it off, it has been a rough year of dealing with my new abilities, trying to pass algebra, finding a father I never remember meeting and trying to keep humanity alive. Ok that splintering wood sound is the front door of the castle, I have to run. If you want to learn more about me, than read this book, but you’re probably better off not knowing, because I have not had a solid night sleep since I learned that monsters under the bed are actually real.”

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WILLIAM C. PEEVER studied creative writing at Bennington College in picturesque Vermont where he began writing about Charlie. He currently lives with his wife and two baby girls on the beautiful North Coast of Massachusetts, where he has just finished writing the second book in the Jumper Chronicles series. When he is not held up in his study, furiously writing, he is facilitating the exploration of this sometimes scary and always exciting new world that his young daughters are toddling around. W. C. Peever's love of writing is apparent, but in his own words his "true love is and always will be [his] family."