Learning Commons

The library is now a thing of the past. It has officially been replaced with “Learning Commons.” This new spin on a timeless classic may motivate people to spend time in a place that both encourages and inspires learning. In today’s Boston Globe there is a piece about Chelmsford High School revamping their outdated library to encompass a more modern trend of library as meeting place. Complete with cozier spaces for cafes, comfortable furniture and booth seating for groups, the Learning Commons is a place that has become popular to work and meet up with friends.

“It has that Barnes and Noble feel,” said Premal Patel, 18, a senior at Chelmsford High School. “You can focus more on the learning experience.”

The changing face of libraries is a recent development and one that is taking the learning experience in a positive direction. Eliminating the negative perception of libraries as a place where conversation is forbidden and everything is out dated will help get people back into their local libraries. With more and more authors doing signings at libraries, why not enhance the overall appeal of these institutions? Anyone who has ever walked through a Barnes & Noble on a weeknight and seen the groups of people huddled in chairs or at tables, reading or discussing books and projects, knows that as a society we are in desperate need for locations conducive to learning, meeting and conversing. Let’s bring back the library!