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Everything Is Going To Be OK!

In the moments before waking up on the pavement after a terrible accident, Catherine Hayes received a powerful message to change her life. Little did she know that she was about to undertake a journey of awakening that would bring her back to her heart and reconnect her with her true, essential self. Hayes explores this life-changing journey in her poignant and revolutionary memoir, Everything Is Going to Be Okay! 

With grit and perseverance, Catherine rose above her challenging childhood in the projects of South Boston to the heights of academia and the halls of Harvard, but it wasn’t until she turned a healing lens on her painful past that she was able to find answers to her most profound questions. Using tools like the Enneagram, the Diamond Approach, and coaching, she was able to retrace her steps to the places where she had abandoned her heart and, from those points of disconnection, reestablish a true connection to the deeper knowing that is the divine Self at the heart of all of us.

Reminiscent of an urban version of Tara Westover’s Educated, Catherine’s powerful story and deep insights around her own experiences will guide you to a restored faith in your inner guidance and the potential of your innate gifts. Her commitment to helping others rediscover their true selves is present on every page. Through her story, you will gain tools for your own personal development, a renewed faith in your inner guidance, and the sense of freedom that comes from finding true forgiveness in all areas of your life.

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DR. CATHERINE HAYES, CPCC is a dual-Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Enneagram facilitator with a DMD from Tufts University and Masters’ and Doctoral degrees in Epidemiology from Harvard University where she also completed a Dental Public Health Residency. She is a Certified Executive Coach with the Leadership Circle Profile™and the Collective Leadership Survey™; an Authorized and Certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram Teacher; a member of the Forbes Coaches Council; a motivational speaker; an expert lecturer in numerous disciplines, and a highly-regarded influencer in the leadership field.