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The Virtual World of Circus:

In 2045, the planet has a new global superpower – the virtual Universe known as Circus. Accessible in seconds from anywhere on Earth, Circus is everything that modern VR wishes it could be – a fully immersive fantasy experience where everything looks, feels, and tastes completely real. The virtual landscape is composed of hundreds of disconnected “zones,” which can be as large as a dozen miles across or as tiny as a studio apartment. Each zone has been developed by users into a unique environment, from cyberpunk metropolises, to lavish casinos, to jungle tree-house hamlets, to idyllic island resorts.

But Circus is more than a game – it is an autonomous nation with its own economy, fashion, industry, politics, exchangeable currency, and law. The GDP of Circus has surpassed Finland’s, and its money – called “credits” – trades at better rates than the Japanese Yen. By 2045, the concept of a virtual world has evolved, so that it is no longer simply a place to live out fantasies; it is a gathering place, a home, a place to go to work, or fall in love, to become wealthy, or famous, to drink away the sorrows of the day, or build an empire.

Bluefall is a stunning, full-color 70 page graphic novel.

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ANDREW TRAINOR is a writer, actor, and producer who grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. He discovered acting in high school, and later pursued professional opportunities in the field while studying Economics at Williams College, where he also played for the Ephs' nationally ranked soccer team. After landing a leading role in the indie film, "The Black Hole," Andrew spent six weeks following his sophomore year at Williams filming the movie in Colorado. He then decided to leave his studies to pursue a career in the arts full-time.In Los Angeles, at 20 years old, Andrew began developing short films - notably, "Lotusland" (2012) and "Ouroboros" (2015). Out of these short efforts grew a passion for storytelling that spurred Andrew to draft his first feature screenplay, an intimate romance, "Letters to Linn." He quickly expanded his portfolio, venturing into the science-fiction/fantasy genres and establishing a name for himself as a talented world-builder with an imaginative, visually-striking style. His latest project is the upcoming scifi graphic novel Bluefall.