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Point Of Virtue

In the same way that Marie Kondo’s wildly successful book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has taught readers to simplify the physical aspect their lives, Arthur Chang’s Point of Virtue teaches how to simplify our minds and spirits in order to live a more peaceful life.  


Point of Virtue is a beautiful collection of photographs and words that capture the essence of life and distills it down to simple, thoughtful comments. Covering everything from love and relationships to business, smartphones and beyond, Point of Virtue creates unique lessons to achieve love, happiness and success in life. 


After twenty years of studying Buddhism, which gave him a sense of truth and clarity, Chang discovered ways to bring forth his own hidden potential. He believes that the creative life can be found by merely looking for the truth. Bringing to bare such important Eastern thought as presented in the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu which translates to a book about the way to virtue, Point of Virtue makes this ancient text relevant today.  Arthur Chang incorporates the noble truths of Buddhism and explores how to apply them to your daily life. 


This exceptional and provocative book will provide readers a way to achieve inner peace in a chaotic and tumultuous world.
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Arthur Chang’s study of Buddhism in the past 15 years has allowed him to fully form his own sense of truth and clarity. His mission is to share his experience with the insightful essence of Buddhism and Oriental philosophy applied to business and everyday life. He wrote and published his first book “Point Of Virtue” in 2017, and is currently working on his 2nd book.Arthur Chang, an influential entrepreneur who founded Kingman Group/Spyder paintball (1992-2013), expanded the sport in the marketplace and created brand awareness at an unprecedented level, selling more than 4 million units of paintball markers during his tenure. In his 21 years of day to day involvement as the Founder and CEO he demonstrated his capabilities of mentoring a start-up, and/or a company looking for growth.His film production division, Kingman Films International (1995-2005), produced several acclaimed feature films and developed various cinematic projects in Hollywood including “Good Advice” (2001) and “The Kiss” (2003).