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Neelie's Truth

Neelie’s Truth introduces us to the James family and a rural New England life that holds dark secrets and a breathtaking, twisting story. Neelie James, deserted by her father and struggling with a town turned against her family, must find her own path. Even the mysterious stranger who opens the door to a life Neelie has never known, cannot rescue her. Neelie’s decisions will change her life, forever-and will bring the reader to face to face with revenge and preservation. Ultimately, the challenges faced by Neelie are timely in today’s world of retribution and violence. Seldom has this time and place been brought so vividly to life. From Fitzgerald’s poignant descriptions of a tragic farm accident to fiercely led rural lives,, she writes with a clear sense of regional honesty. Luminous with prose that brilliantly respects time, place and character, Neelie’s Truth is an unforgettable tour de force.

“… truthful and courageous account of terrible beauty, and of strength in the face of neglect, abandonment and ultimately violence. Fitzgerald weaves for us an unforgettable work of fiction, set against an unforgiving time and place. A tour de force coming-of-age story, written with poetry and passion.” Mary E. Mitchell, author of Love in Complete Sentences

“… heartbreaking depiction of love and violence and the lies we tell to survive, as well as a coming-of-age story told with tenderness and sensuality. Erica Ferencik, author of Repeaters “In this riveting, tender coming-of-age story, Neelie makes her way through the hardscrabble of 1950’s rural New England, in her search for redemption… Sally Ryder Brady, author of A Box of Darkness

“…I have rarely met a character in a novel who touches my heart as much as Neelie does. Long after I finished the book, her trials and her courage haunt me”. Donna Baier Stein, Founder/Publisher, Tiferet Journal and author of Sympathetic People

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