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Expanding The Conversation

Expanding the Conversation is primarily about three things: perspective, innovation, and leadership. There is a lot of talk around men and women and the way gender differences come into play in business. But so much of the discussion is one-sided and defensive, therefore falling on deaf ears. We speak about fairness and quality, but business is a different animal.

This book approaches these themes from a variety of angles. Ideas around perspective – and perception – are discussed openly with real honestly and insight. Gender-related differences are called out and evaluated holistically, enabling such characteristics to be leveraged as strengths, rather than liabilities.

Alternative viewpoints lead to new ideas. This concept is critical in competitive business environments. Expanding the Conversation is about pushing these ideas forward in a global economy and innovating across industries.

More than anything, however, this book is about leadership. It was written exclusively for leaders – current and future. This is the audience with the vision (and the guts) to see things differently. These are the people with the ability to execute ideas effectively. These are the people who need to be part of the discussion. For those that want to lead with intent and passion – it’s time to expand the conversation.

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JAIME B. HANSEN is a writer, speaker, investor and thought leader on women in business.