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Welcome to Expanzaramadingdong, a phrase to say when things just don’t make sense. Jason Steinberg’s collection of poems will open up a world to children that gives insight to many of life’s wonders, such as growing old, being a tattletale and how to avoid being a failure. A world where you don’t have to be royalty to be treated like a queen, a world where you learn the dangers of being a fly on the wall, and a world where the Fountain of Youth really does exist. Jason Steinberg’s fun and imaginative storytelling will provoke your mind, touch your soul and make you smile.

“Children and adults alike will be both entertained and inspired by Jason Steinberg’s wonderful words.”  Jeff Runyan, Los Angeles, CA

“Fun characters, witty poems with interesting twists and great moral lessons combine with
lively illustrations to create a perfect book of children’s poetry.”  Eli Stein, New York, NY

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JASON STEINBERG writes poetry and music. He is also a television producer and editor who has been nominated for three Emmy Awards. Some of his credits include Shark Tank, The Bachelor, The Apprentice and The X Factor. Most importantly, he loves to laugh, play and be silly with his girls.Jason has been writing children’s poetry ever since he was a child himself. He grew up reading and enjoying the work of Shel Silverstein, especially, “Where The Sidewalk Ends.”When Jason got older and had children of his own, he read to them Shel Silverstein’s latest book, “Every Thing On It.” The last poem in the book titled, “When I Am Gone,” asked the readers who will continue to write poetry after Shel Silverstein is gone.This is what inspired Jason to gather up all of the poems that he has written through the years and put together this book.