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Finding The Voice Inside You

After 24 attempts at losing weight, I finally discovered the missing link and am excited to share Jill’s Way! TM with you.

Jill’s Way; Finding the Voice Inside You TM is a personal journey that begins anew every time one dream is realized and another one is inspired.  It’s not just about reading my book, Finding the Voice Inside You™, you need support to guide you on YOUR journey to personal transformation. My goal is to teach you how to get your head in the right place to lose the weight and keep it off forever. Our Tuesday night calls are to inspire, motivate and inform you and questions are welcome!

You will be amazed at the changes you are capable of! Get ready to transform your life. I look forward to sharing and growing together in 2013!






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JILL BIRTH is a chips and salsa-loving small-town gal and mother to three AMAZING kids!She loves “While You Were Sleeping” and is terrified of snakes!Her favorite childhood memories include canning with her family because they ALWAYS had so much fun just being together! They still do!People are her passion – it is so EASY and ENERGIZING for her to love people, see into their hearts, and find all the amazing things they are capable of doing!She is also passionate about ending childhood obesity. She wants parents and children to educate themselves about the health and self-esteem issues associated with it. She feels we need to start the conversation in order to change the outcome.She wants to inspire as many people as possible to lose weight, gain energy, and age well so they can live the lives of their dreams.And the Lord is her strength!