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Raising A Hand

Dave and Kevin’s remarkable project is a black and white photography book called Raising A Hand.

Incorporating unique design and exceptional photo-quality paper, the coffee table book depicts all the ways artists use their hands during a performance. Each artist in the book has given their permission to be included, understanding the underlying theme is that they, individually and collectively, are ‘raising a hand’ for Rett.

Rett syndrome is a devastating neurological disorder that strikes mostly girls, occurring in about one of every 10,000 female births worldwide. Like Cortney, these precious girls are born normal and advance as you’d expect, up to about 12-18 months, at which point they start to regress to infancy.

They lose their ability to walk. They lose their ability to talk and also lose meaningful hand motions. They spend the rest of their lives totally dependent on others for their care. They are referred to as Silent Angels because they cannot share what they are thinking or feeling– they cannot tell their Mom or Dad that they love them, or verbalize their needs or wants.

“We want to help fund a cure so no one will have to go through what Kevin, his family and thousands of other families have gone through with their Silent Angels,” Dave says.

Please join our photographic “music festival.” Help the guys spread the word so that we can make Raising A Hand all that it can be. Researchers are closing in on a reversal. Please help us help them.

On behalf of Silent Angels everywhere, allow us to say what they cannot. “Thank you!”

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David Clements & Kevin Black