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Bring Me One of Everything is a novel which weaves real-life facts and fiction into an eloquent tale of suspense and intrigue. The title of the book is based on what the management of the Smithsonian is said to have demanded when sending ethnographers to native villages to gather artifacts for its collection: “Bring me one of everything.” The novel is several layered stories centered around a troubled writer, Alicia Purcell, who has been commissioned to create the libretto for an opera about an anthropologist named Austin Hart. He earned fame in the 1950s for cutting down and bringing back to museums the largest remaining stand of totem poles in the world. They belonged to the Haida tribes who inhabit the Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia. Hart’s subsequent suicide creates the mystery Alicia attempts to solve as she consults present-day tribe members, Hart’s friends and family, and his personal journals. Added to the complications of her search are Alicia’s imperious though ailing mother, a cast-off lover, a narcissistic composer, and her own demons of disaffection. But an overarching question dogs her and the reader: why she is so obsessed with Austin Hart and this quest?

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LESLIE HALL PINDER was born in the prairies in Canada in 1948. In the 1980's "Under the House" was published by Bloomsbury Publishing and Faber and Faber in the U.K., Random House in the U.S. and Canada, and in Finland. Her second novel "On Double Tracks" was published in Canada in 1990 by Lester and Orpen Dennys, and in the U.S. by Random House. It was nominated for a Governor-General's Award, the highest literary award in Canada.No longer able to juggle being a lawyer and being a writer, Pinder started writing full-time in 2005. She has married her fiction with her legal knowledge, producing novels that are centered in her characters' difficult and corrupting struggle with the truth as defined by the law. A revised edition of "Under the House" was issued by Shelfstealers in February, 2012. Her third novel "Bring Me One of Everything" was published by Grey Swan Press in 2012.Leslie Hall Pinder lives part time in urban Vancouver and a remote island. She spends some time in the winter in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.