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You Look Like That Girl

Before she retired, at the age of twenty-two, Lisa had performed in more than forty movies and TV shows. She had appeared in blockbusters like Mrs. Doubtfire and Independence Day, alongside actors Robin Williams and Randy Quaid. She had walked the red carpet and lived in the house she had purchased when she was fifteen.

Lisa went to fancy parties, traveled the world, met famous people like Princess Diana and filmed in exciting locations. But something was missing. Success was complicated. After battling severe anxiety and panic attacks, Lisa retired from acting and left L.A. to pursue a path that felt more authentic to her.

In this funny and insightful book, Lisa describes growing up in the film industry and her difficult decision to leave the only life she had ever known. She explores the universal question we all ask ourselves at any age: what do I want to be when I grow up?

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LISA JAKUB grew up as an only child just outside of Toronto, Canada. She started working as an actor when she was 4 years old, splitting her time between Canada and Los Angeles when she was only 11. She never considered herself a "child star". Instead she felt she was a working actor. She did more than forty films and TV shows before retiring from acting at the age of 22. Lisa is now a writer and currently lives in Virginia with her husband and their rescue dog.