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The Gnome Lexicon is a comprehensive study on gnome lore. Altogether there are seventy plus gnomes that represent fifty-nine cultures included in the book. They are divided up into twelve chapters according to where they reside, for example, Hearth and Home, Forest and Jungle, and Sea, Stream, and Swamp. Each gnome has at least one page-some have up to four-so the reader can be introduced to each one in detail; what they look like, what corner of the world they live in, and how they interact with people. Some are well-known-such as the brownie and the leprechaun-but also included are more obscure gnomes such as the little-known Egbere (Nigeria) and the Bwbach (Wales). A few have never before been in print; others have received just a mention in passing. The gnomes are a fascinating mix of merry, incurable tricksters; dour, hardworking companions; and shy, elusive loners. There are also three small sections that cover other gnome essentials: ways to see a gnome, their relationship with cats, and why gnomes would rather you not know their names.

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MARCIA LEWANDOWSKI has a BS in agriculture from the University of Minnesota. She is the author of two books, Folk Mittens, published by Interweave Press in 1997, and Andean Folk Knits, published by Lark Books in 2005. Her interest in folklore can be seen in both volumes, which included lengthy sections on folk traditions as they relate to knitting. She lived overseas for eight years, in Bolivia, as a development worker, when she began collecting gnome folklore. In her search she traveled to more than a dozen countries gathering stories, interviewed visiting foreign nationals, and searching through a lot of obscure references.