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Aging, Healthcare And You

Many older, and not so older Americans are likely to be lost and confused when dealing with today’s health care. In our complex health care system, getting answers, explanations, and guidance is a major undertaking. Are you having problems in getting answers to your medical questions? In “Aging, Health Care and You!” Dr. Martin Finkelstein has tried to provide lessons, insights and informative practical guidance for the aging health care consumer. It is his prescription for understanding and improving your health care. Written in clear, easy-to-read language, this book addresses issues regarding health, disease, and our health care system.

• Learn more about what aging is all about and how to deal with aging.
• Understand better the common medical problems that bother the aging patient.
• Become more sophisticated in managing medications; dealing with laboratory testing; interacting with doctors and insurance companies.
• Gain better understanding of medical bills and billing.

This unique book was inspired by the actual medical problems that frustrated many of his patients over the years, and for which they sought guidance. It encompasses his answers to the most common problems older people encounter with health care. It contains the information he feels you really need to know if you are an older health care consumer or caregiver.

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MARTIN S. FINKELSTEIN, M.D., is a board certified internist and geriatrician actively practicing medicine and geriatrics for the past thirty-five years in New York City. He is a clinical associate professor of medicine at NYU-Langone Medical Center, where he has been teaching medical students, physicians-in-training, junior faculty, colleagues, and nursing staf since 1970.Dr. Finkelstein has been cited repeatedly in Castle Connelly’s “America’s Top Doctors” and in New York magazine’s “Best Doctors in New York” in the area of Geriatrics. He has extensive experience in conducting medical and basic science research, treaching medicine and geriatrics, and caring for patients in and out of the hospital. Dr. Finkelstein graduated from New York University School of Medicine and received his post-graduate training at NYU and Bellevue Hospitals in New York and Stanford-Palo Alto Medical Center in Palo Alto, California. Dr. Finkelstein grew up in a medical household, and is part of a large family in which many close relatives are physicians.