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Between The Walls Of Time

Never before has the United States found itself as divided politically, socially, scientifically, racially, and spiritually as it is today. Between the Walls of Time is a novel about Dr. Cyrus Kohler, a philosophy professor at Southern Illinois University who becomes the father of a new political philosophy that defines the struggles between the social and religious tribes in America and the plunder of its people by politicians. Dr. Cyrus Kohler does believe that Washington is indeed broken.

The novel opens with 1st Lt. Cyrus Kohler in Vietnam fighting the last major American battle of that war on Ripcord, or Hill 935. Cyrus is an army Ranger, a member of the 101st Airborne 2nd battalion, 506th infantry Curaheess, their WWII predecessors known as “The Band of Brothers.” Six hundred and fifty of them faced off against 40,000 seasoned members of the creme of the North Vietnamese Army, the 324b, who defeated the French at Dien Bien Phu. Cyrus and the men he served with were abandoned in the field by incompetent leadership that stretched all the way to the White House. Somehow he survived.

Home from the war, Cyrus marries the beautiful Jax, an artist and professor of music. Over the next thirty years, he witnesses the decline of America, finally compelling him to form a third political party, called The Front, that applies logic and reason to social, political, religious and business issues.

Michael Stafford has created a thrilling portrayal of the crimes, the criminals, the shame and the sham spawned by political ambition.
The Front is the political party you may have wanted to vote for. Between the Walls of Timeis a visionary plan for our future.

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