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Pink Diamonds

Alexis Rycof, newly divorced transplant to Los Angeles, takes up Argentine tango as a way to meet people, but really to resuscitate her comatose sexuality from the deep freeze that was her marriage.

 She knew she was a goner right after that first tangasm, a fabled phenomenon and here she is having multiples right out the gate. Tango sets something loose in her, something wild and hungry. She enters a series of romantic misadventures with the men who give her tangasms on the dance floor. Her usual good judgment is confused by shape-shifting lovers and past-life scenes bleeding through into present reality. When her recklessness puts her life in danger, it’s a wake-up call. She resolves to focus on work and put romance aside, at least until she can heal and trust herself again. 

 Then Nico Aquilo enters Alexis’s life and rocks her world. It’s the biggest opportunity of her career. She can’t blow it by getting romantically entangled with the client. Yet, if her dreams are true, this isn’t the first time they’ve met. When a former self from a past life barges in, things come to a head. From the milongas of Los Angeles to stylish Milan and sultry Rio, Alexis ignites a passion she never knew existed and discovers the power of reinvention.

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MIKHAILA STETTLER is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and producer. Mikhaila explores themes of creativity, spirituality, female empowerment and sexuality in a variety of media and performance arts. A mid-life epiphany turned this former doctor and lifestyle medicine educator away from a thriving career in medicine to focus on the arts and new media. A woman of wide-ranging interests and passions, Mikhaila is a budding tanguera (female tango aficionado), an accomplished yogini, meditation coach and proven medical clairvoyant. She’s a passionate advocate of all things organic, non-toxic and ecologically sound. Her idea of heaven is two weeks at a luxury eco-resort on a tropical island, frolicking in the water, practicing yoga, making art daily, feasting on local organic food and salsa dancing the night away. Stettler has written for and, where she’s a contributing editor and led the development of the Inner Ecology section. Her poem, "The Dragon Inside" is the closing poem in the anthology "Poems To F*ck To" published by Poetry In Motion Publishing House. PINK DIAMONDS is her first novel.