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The Reluctant Mystic

“It felt like the whole world was shaking, inside me and all around me. It felt like bliss-perfect peace. This light was pouring through me, and as it was pouring through me, it was teaching me things.” So begins The Reluctant Mystic: Autobiography of an Awakening, the story of an extraordinary spiritual experience-one moment in a massage therapy office that forever changes the trajectory of the author’s life. In this compelling memoir and meditative guide, Nancy Torgove Clasby, an ordinary mother of three small children, gradually pieces together the greatest mysteries of life after a spontaneous awakening completely redirects her focus and energy and leads her to become a healer. More than twenty years later, Nancy has gone on to help hundreds of people with life-threatening illnesses, as well as those grieving lost loved ones. Along the way, she has been guided by three wise teachers and inspired by her many courageous clients. In Nancy’s words, “Each of us has a gift, and our purpose is to reconnect with that gift and then give it away.”

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NANCY TORGOVE CLASBY has been a pioneer practitioner of spirituality and healing since 1998. In addition to her private healing practice, she is a reiki, polarity, and craniosacral practitioner as well as an ARCB-certified reflexologist. She has helped hundreds overcome chronic and terminal illnesses, often leading her clients on a path of self healing, whether physical, emotional or spiritual in nature.Nancy received a B.A. from Lesley University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1980, and spent many years as a teacher, focusing on children with special needs. Her prior work includes recordings of guided healing meditations, and she is a sought-after meditation teacher.Nancy lives in a small Massachusetts town on the Atlantic ocean with two white fluffy cats and a brown dog, surrounded by lots of family and lifelong friends. She loves to ride her pink bike, swim in the ocean, knit, and bake pies. But mostly she loves to be with her family.You can download Nancy's CD, "Healing Meditaions with Nancy Torgove Clasby", on iTunes.