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Thankful for my Family

For the first time in his life, twenty-four-year-old Stuart Jones wants to get serious about his lady. Now that Tiffany and her daughter, Angel, live with him, Stuart thinks that maybe it’s time to pop the question. After all, at the mature age of thirty, Tiffany is ready to settle down.

There’s just one small hurdle. Stuart must first introduce Tiffany to his family—his whole family, who just happens to have rented a house in South Carolina for a family reunion over Thanksgiving.

So after making a quick stop in North Carolina to leave Angel with her father, Stuart and Tiffany head south to the insanity that awaits them.

With a drunk uncle, a grandmother with a gambling problem, a sanctimonious aunt, and a bisexual cousin ready to burst from the closet, Stuart and Tiffany must contend with plenty of opinions about their relationship while figuring out what love and family really mean.

An uproarious, laugh-out-loud story that will resonate with anyone who comes from a sprawling, messy, and lovable clan, Thankful for My Family celebrates the ties that bind us—even ones we wish we could break sometimes.

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SHELTON JOHNSON, a native of Norfolk, VA, now resides in Southern Maryland with his wife and 2 children. Although he grew up playing multiple sports, and was afforded the opportunity to play football at James Madison University, writing has always been a part of his life. Before writing his first published project, Thankful For my Family, Johnson had written 2 plays, multiple short stories, and a children's book that his brother illustrated. Since his work contains heavy doses of comedy, when asked about becoming a published author, Johnson answered, "Writing wasn't something that I took serious. I really just did it for fun. It's always been easy for me to play out situations or scenarios in my mind that would make people laugh. I decided to finish this book (Thankful For my Family) and publish it for multiple reasons. The biggest reason though, came one day in the mall while waiting for my wife to finish shopping. I walked in the bookstore and I couldn't find anything that really grabbed my attention. That's when I decided to not only publish this book, but make it appealing to people like me who like to laugh." Johnson also made mention that Thankful For my Family is the first installment of a three part series, which he refers to as the "Family Comedy Trilogy". The second book, which he says will be a Christmas comedy, is expected to be available early November.