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Shell Shock

From the shell shock of men suffering the unspeakable horrors in the trenches of World War I to the PTSD of returning troops today, comes a mystery of crimes even more heinous that war itself.

SHELL SHOCK examines the effects of war’s destruction on both the battlefield and in soldiers’ minds. Famous Stanford psychiatrist, Dr. Gus Conrad, uncovers a secret military consortium, The Patrons of Perseus, formed during The Great War to celebrate heroism and eliminate cowardice that is so far beyond the pale of humanity that he must stop their evil agenda. Through flashbacks to events of one hundred years ago, to the examination of soldiers returning today from Iraq and Afghanistan with post traumatic stress disorder, Conrad finds himself in a race to save his own life while attempting to change the practice of psychiatry in the military.

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DR. STEPHEN STAHL is a professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego and has written forty-three books on the subject of psychiatry. His textbooks have sold well over 1 million copies internationally. He has direct experience as an Honorary Consultant at the Bethlehem Royal Hospital "Bedlam" featured in this novel. And as an expert on PTSD, Dr. Stahl is in demand to speak on the the subject. He recently appeared on NBC speaking on PTSD in soldiers returning to Fort Hood, another locale of his debut novel.