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The Curse of the Werck Family

In the year 1510, in France, we were at the time of the Inquisition, and in this period, in the name of God, untold barbaric acts were committed. In a small village in the south of the kingdom, the matriarch of one of the most prestigious families in Court forged an accusation of witchcraft, sending a beautiful and humble young woman to death by burning at the stake. When everything happened Helen was only 17 years-old, and the allegation which led to capital punishment was her black cat. Due to the notoriety of the Werck family, the church, loyal to their wealthiest collaborators didn’t even bother to investigate the veracity of the accusation. During the trial the Inquisitor slandered, tortured, and killed all of Helen´s closest relatives, personally delivering her death penalty in a public square. However, these events unleashed extreme and supernatural reactions, when the spirit of the accused was divided between love and hate, with unforeseen consequences to the lives of all involved in this romantic saga of two souls in love.

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