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The Dreams of Ida Rothschild

In W. Mahlon Purdin’s awe inspiring space opera, the world now has a perfect future that is opposite of what many science fiction writers have imagined and it’s juxtaposed with our troubling present and horrors of the past. The genre, once dominated by dystopian tales of people leading dehumanized and often fearful lives where the future is bleak and hopeless, is now leaning heavily towards the pursuit of hope, possibility and peace. W. Mahlon Purdin has created a world of vast imagination and scope in his utopian tale.

A young girl’s quest to save her life from the traditional constrictions of her nineteenth century family’s suffocating plans, fails in suicide. Out of the horror of her own death comes a new life form which transcends the ages, and leads humanity to their ultimate of destiny: homo magnus, utopia. Together with Farson Uiost, Karina Chamberlain, and amazing inhabitants of Emerald Earth, they set humanity free in a final transformation where everything is possible, and life is an epic journey towards hope and beauty.

Kirkus Reviews says, of Purdin’s early work in the ScreenMaster series, “[Purdin’s] ambitious epic offers vivid prose…and a stylistic similarity to the sci-fi of Kurt Vonnegut.”

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