Facebook has almost 200 million active users and grows by nearly 600 thousand users daily. Women dominate Facebook, meaning there are more female users than male. Considering the fact that women do the majority of book buying, Facebook has a pretty good demographic for authors.

Authors are often confused and overwhelmed with how to make Facebook work as a strong marketing tool. The ability to reach your target audience and build a strong fan base is one of the key components that makes Facebook such a useful marketing strategy.

However, there are some tips and techniques that can be applied to Facebook to maximize its potential.

– Don’t use it to only post your release date or facts and figures about you and your book. Use Facebook as a way to interact with your readers, build relationships and create interest.
– Keep your status updates relevant to your career or writing life. Keep it focused but casual.
– Give tiny peeks into the “life of a writer” because this is something that truly fascinates readers.
– Let your “friends” know when your book is coming out, when a review is appearing in a newspaper, magazine or online. Let people know what you are reading and enjoying.
– If you have a blog, link to it on your Facebook page. Provide links to your website and any other relevant web presence you possess.
– Comment on other author pages and respond when people comment on your pages.
– Add photos.
– Keep it active and be consistent.

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  1. I am in the process of writing a book. I would love tips, advice, anything that would help me out! Love your blog!