2 thoughts on “Katie Couric’s New Gig

  1. Katie picked a great first choice for her debut column. Michelle Obama is an inspiration to many people and she has a fantastic smile.

  2. (Paperback) It’s easy to read, and has a few good tips, but overall I found this book very poor. The tainring section is broken down into stages for different-aged pups, which sounds like a good idea until you realise that tainring principles are the same at any age, and therefore each chapter is exasperatingly repetitive. Along with the wide spacing, big headings, short paragraphs and abundant meaningless pictures, that makes for a remarkably uninformative book. There is no discussion of major controversies such as positive versus force-based tainring or natural versus dry feeding; the author’s preferred technique is presented as the only option and areas of huge disagreement among trainers are not even flagged. Evidently Hodgson’s style appeals to some; I found it irritatingly condescending, bubbly and saccharine. Finally, the book is dangerously poorly edited: on p. 128 Hodgson says: Don’t give him free access to water yet, or he’ll turn into a fountain then on p. 155 DeBitetto says: Puppies need a lot of water, and restricting it can put your puppy at risk of dehydration. The only time water can be safely witheld is at night. The health section was better-written and much more informative, but you’d still be much better off buying one good tainring book and one good health book.