The White House Blog

Along with a new President, the White House now has a new website to accompany this period of change. now has a blog, weekly YouTube video addresses and a director of new media to manage everything and keep the site running smoothly. The site looks great with a very modern design and provides incredible ease with navigation.

The first blog post, by Macon Phillips, Director of New Media for the White House, wrote:

Millions of Americans have powered President Obama’s journey to the White House, many taking advantage of the internet to play a role in shaping our country’s future. is just the beginning of the new administration’s efforts to expand and deepen this online engagement.

The advantages and opportunities provided by the web are limitless. It can certainly be overwhelming and many feel lost amidst the clutter and confusion, but it is making our world smaller and strengthening our ability to connect with more people. The key to using the web in a productive and marketable way is to create an organic interaction with your audience. Don’t use Twitter just to post direct links back to your website. Try to engage in conversations with your followers and draw in new followers. Don’t turn your blog into an “all about me” platform. Write about things that would be of interest to your audience and will result in return visits. What the web is showing us is that everyone has something they can teach. Find your message, whatever it may be, and teach it to the best of your ability. Your voice is out there and the web is waiting to hear!