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still alice
Great piece by Jonathan Fields in The Huffington Post about the changing face of self-publishing. It is especially delightful because two of my clients, Lisa Genova and Brunonia Barry, are referenced in the piece.

We worked with Brunonia Barry when THE LACE READER was self-published and we were able to secure her coverage that brought the attention of agents and a major seven figure deal with William Morrow. We were then hired by Lisa Genova to help promote her self-published novel, STILL ALICE, about a woman suffering from early onset alzheimer’s. Once again, the coverage we secured led her to a dream agent and a major deal with Simon & Schuster.

Here is a quote from the Huffington Post piece.

“What so many people don’t realize is that self-pubbed writers are not a group of frustrated, no-talent writers. Rather they include established authors like Stephen King, intellectuals like Noam Chomsky and Lisa Genova and Brunonia Barry, writers who couldn’t find anyone to publish their books, did it themselves, and landed on the NY Times bestseller list. It is my belief that there are many more great works and writers out there, just waiting to be found by adventurous readers.”

I was thrilled to work with both of these authors at the very beginning of their careers and to help provide them with the guidance and publicity they needed to lead them to immense success. As the publicist, I am the behind-the-scenes person, but I truly love seeing my hard work and dedication to my clients pay off…BIG TIME!

Writer’s Digest

Kelley & Hall is mentioned in the newest issue of Writer’s Digest on sale now! Brunonia Barry, author of THE LACE READER, talks about her breakout success story and how it was with our help she was able to garner the attention that lead to such a significant deal. The issue covers all aspects of self-publishing and provides valuable advice. There is also an interview with James Patterson who discusses the importance of branding yourself as an author.

Lisa Genova in Time Magazine

{image of Lisa Genova courtesy of Christopher Seufert}

Congratulations to our clients, Lisa Genova and Brunonia Barry, on receiving fantastic coverage in Time Magazine this week! Genova and Barry, with our help, succeeded in overcoming the self-published stigma and securing major publishing deals. We are so happy to have been a part of it and we believe this is a hopeful sign for authors who believe in their work and want to self-publish!

Salem Takes Publishing World by Storm!

Sisters of Misery by Megan Kelley Hall

Salem is taking the publishing world by storm. Over the next few months, bookstores will be seeing a rise in novels based in Salem, MA. The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry (William Morrow, August 2008), Sisters of Misery by Megan Kelley Hall (Kensington, August 2008) and The Heretics Daughter by Kathleen Kent (Little, Brown, September 2008) all focus on life in the same, small New England town that is steeped in tragic history.

This is an exciting trend that will only increase the amount of attention that this particular corner of our world already receives. There is movie buzz already for all three books and each one deals with a different aspect of Salem’s vibrant history. The Lace Reader and Sisters of Misery are both modern day stories with hints to the influential and ever-present history and The Heretics Daughter is an historical novel.

They are all novels that are being given a large presence in their respective publishing houses. The Lace Reader was a self-published novel that received one of the largest advances for a self-published novel, Sisters of Misery is launching Kensington’s young adult line and The Heretics Daughter was one of the most talked about books at Book Expo America with Little, Brown giving out an extraordinary number of galleys to booksellers.

USA Today just ran a piece in today’s paper about this exciting trend in literature. Check it out!

The Lace Reader

The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry

Kelley & Hall worked as the publicist for Brunonia Barry’s originally self-published novel, The Lace Reader. We helped to secure coverage that eventually led to a multi-million dollar deal with William Morrow.

The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry launches later this month. We worked with Brunonia Barry on her journey from being a self-published author to landing a deal with William Morrow. Here is an interview with Barry from Book Club Girl at the ALA.

Book Expo America 2008

The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry

(Megan Hall, Brunonia Barry and Jocelyn Kelley)

We are just back from our exciting adventures in sunny California! Book Expo America ran this past weekend, from May 28 – June 1, at the Los Angeles Convention center. It was a fun-filled weekend packed with author signings, book releases, seminars and parties. It was great to visit with some of our clients and catch up with friends.

It was an especially exciting time for one of our clients, Brunonia Barry, who was there to celebrate the upcoming release of her debut novel, THE LACE READER (William Morrow, August 2008). We are so thrilled for her and all of the exciting adventures she has ahead of her.

Grub Street’s Muse and the Marketplace

Last weekend (April 25-27) we spoke at Grub Street’s 7th Annual Muse and the Marketplace held at the Omni Parker House in Downtown Boston. We were on the publicity and promotion panels and were able to provide some insight into the complex world of book promotion. Many aspiring writers were there to learn from the pros. Jonathan Franzen made the keynote address at the luncheon and the audience was filled with notable writers, agents and editors. Anita Shreve, Mameve Medwed, Trish Ryan, Amy MacKinnon, Michael Thomas, Lois Lowry, Lisa Scottoline, Julia Glass, Scott Heim, and Jenna Blum were among the writers in attendance.

Two of our clients, Lisa Genova (Still Alice) and Brunonia Barry (The Lace Reader) were also on various panels, each with their debut novels. Everyone involved with the event enjoyed the experience and are already eagerly anticipating next year’s event.

The Boston Globe ran an article this weekend on the event and brought attention to the fact that New England is truly a literary hotbed. Chris Castellani was responsible for the wonderful flow of the entire weekend and should be commended for his amazing work as well as his fabulous introduction to Jonathan Franzen’s speech. Below is a photo of Jocelyn Kelley and Megan Kelley Hall with local author and National Book Award winner, Julia Glass. We are all eagerly awaiting her newest release, I SEE YOU EVERYWHERE!

Jocelyn Kelley, Julia Glass, Megan Kelley Hall