Tina Brown

Tina Brown, editor behind the newest online news source THE DAILY BEAST, spoke with Columbia Journalism students last week. Interestingly, the story is reported by THE HUFFINGTON POST. Friendly competition anyone? Below is a quote from Tina’s discussion:

In some ways, I feel that the web will revive that kind of ‘little magazine’ journalism, because recently there hasn’t been a market for it.

And here is a quote from one of the students who attended the speech:

Brown also re-hashed the fate of her short-lived venture Talk. She emphasized that one of the problems facing monthly magazines was the lag between production and release, and the inability of print magazines to adjust quickly enough to criticism. The criticism spurs advertisers to pull out, which deprives magazines of the funds needed to fix the problems, which leads to more criticism. This is possibly why Talk reportedly lost $50 million before it folded, after opening with what was described as one of the most lavish launch parties in magazine history.
Brown rightly noted that the current concern over the closing of the foreign bureaus of many major media outlets was not necessarily a bad thing, as it could lead to the cultivation of local reporters who would have greater context for unfolding news than foreign reporters parachuted in from outside. She also noted that, “If I were young, I would go to India,” and encouraged students to take advantage of the media culture there.
–Cara Parks

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